Accidental damage

Sudden, unexpected and visible damage to your property or contents that has not been caused on purpose. Examples include spillage of wine on carpets and accidental damage to fixtures and fittings or the structure of your building, for example putting your foot through the loft floor.

Buildings insurance

Covers your home including any garages or outbuildings used only for domestic purposes, home office use, permanent fixtures and fittings, wind turbines and solar panels fixed to the buildings or fixed to the ground, swimming pools, tennis courts, paths, drives, terraces, patios, walls, fences, hedges and gates as long as these are all within the boundaries of the land belonging to your property.

Contents insurance

Covers your household goods, furniture, furnishings, clothing, personal belongings and valuables all belonging to you or for which you are legally responsible.


the first monetary amount that you will pay towards a claim.

‘New for old’

Claims are settled on a replacement basis – i.e. based on the cost to replace the damaged, stolen or lost item with a like-for-like new product.


Sheds, barns and summerhouses.

Portable possessions

Accidental loss or damage to valuables, personal belongings and clothing that you take away from your home.

Rebuild cost

The cost to rebuild your property on a replacement basis, rather than its market value.

Sum insured

The maximum amount an insurance company will pay out in the event of a claim as a result of any one incident (the total amount for which you are insured).